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Research By Marsico Institute for Early Learning and Literacy. University of Denver: 16-17

Lyrics2Learn Increased State Test Scores up to 66%

On average L2L students scored 53 points higher at the end of the school year compared to non L2L students, and increased rate of improvement 26% to 66% dependent upon student use.

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Multisensory Fluency Development

Every lesson incorporates personalized repeated, assisted and choral reading to develop expression, accuracy, and pace, while exponentially increasing background knowledge.

Lyrics2Learn students outperform by 66% on state tests and show increased motivation and engagement.

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Teacher Implementation

Student Engagement

Reading Comprehension

We can't teach kids to comprehend on a high level until we help them retain on a high level

  • As students retain more information from repeated reading, questioning becomes more complex.
  • By incorporating music, rhythm and rhyme with repeated reading, students drastically increase retention and background knowledge.
  • Lyrics2Learn questioning levels align with the Common Core Depth of Knowledge (D.O.K.) levels.
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of teachers who participated in the research study report that their students are engaged when using L2L.


of teachers who participated in the research study report that L2L was easy to implement.


of teachers who participated in the research study report that L2L made it easy to track student progress.

Researched-Based Fluency

Research-Based Comprehension

Benefits of Music & Reading

  • More engagement
  • More enjoyment
  • More improvement
Songs in a young learner classroom
The Marsico Institute of Early Learning and Literacy

The University of Denver found that 1st-5th grade students using Lyrics2Learn for 45 minutes per week saw year over year gains increase by 66% when compared to the control group.

Fluency Development through Poetry
Fluency Development through Poetry

Research supporting the implementation of repeated reading of lyrical, poetic texts lead to improvements in word recognition, fluency, and overall reading proficiency.

The Benefits of Music

Music increases Reading Engagement and Performance.

  • Fusing music, rhythm and rhyme, with the proven fluency strategies of repeated, choral and assisted reading increase student engagement and motivation to read.
  • Fluency and background knowledge are key components of comprehension. By incorporating music with repeated reading, students not only increase fluency, they retain more information and rapidly build background knowledge.
  • To create life-long readers, we need to help kids feel and connect to what they read. Music provokes emotion and feeling. Fusing music to text connects emotion to words in a story

An Effective Online Supplement & Intervention

An effective, engaging fluency and comprehension supplement for K-5th grade students.

  • Self-paced or teacher-managed learning
  • Lessons personalized to each student's needs
  • Data and progress reporting for teachers and administrators
  • Live webinars and real-time support

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What it does

Increase Reading Engagement and Performance

We fuse music, rhythm, and rhyme to increase student engagement and motivate kids to progress through an individualized reading track, personalized to each learner's needs.

Holly Brilliant

“One of my Principals was excited about L2L. Once he showed me the program, I was excited as well. Half of the schools signed up immediately. Within 3 months, the rest of the schools had followed suit. ”