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How can music help develop reading fluency and comprehension?

  • More engagement
  • More repetition
  • More retention

By adding music to any educational text, reading becomes engaging, memorable, interactive, and fun.

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Reading Fluency

Fluency is the bridge to comprehension.

  • Lyrics2Learn’s multisensory approach integrates the research-based fluency strategies of repeated, choral, and assisted reading into every lesson.
  • Lyrics2Learn facilitates the consistent, repeated exposure to a wide variety of texts needed for fluency improvement and increased development of background knowledge.
  • By reading repeatedly, kids familiarize themselves with text, spending less cognitive resources on decoding. This allows more effective focus on the meaning of text.
  • Reading along to music, rhythm and rhyme, makes repetition fun, engaging, and increases retention.
Bridge to Comprehension

Reading Comprehension

We can't teach kids to comprehend on a high level until we help them retain on a high level

  • As students retain more information from repeated reading, questioning becomes more complex.
  • By incorporating music, rhythm and rhyme with repeated reading, students drastically increase retention and background knowledge.
  • Lyrics2Learn questioning levels align with the Common Core Depth of Knowledge (D.O.K.) levels.
Scaffolded Triangle

Lyrics2Learn improves fluency, comprehension, word recognition, background knowledge, and kids authentically enjoy reading.

L2L is a brain-based, online reading program created by Jeremy Spartz, a 15 year classroom teacher, writer and literacy tutor. It was made as a daily reading center his students could do independently to develop fluency and comprehension while he ran reading rotations.

  • A reading supplement and intervention providing research-based fluency practice for K-5 students
  • Provides teachers, schools and districts fluency practice for students without sacrificing direct instruction time
  • Records cold read vs hot read comparison videos each week, motivating students and increasing accountability
  • Monthly benchmarking to track fluency progress
  • Brain-based, multi-sensory and interactive
  • Personalized to the needs of each student
  • Provides real-time fluency and comprehension data
  • Accessible on any device, in school or remote
  • Helps students develop background knowledge that can be applied to every aspect of literacy and learning
  • Can be done independently by students or guided by teachers
  • Fits into any teaching style and schedule
  • Preplanned lessons that can be used all year