approach to increasing fluency in the classroom..

Effective, engaging fluency practice without taking time away from classroom instruction.
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Fluency practice that is more engaging, more independent, and more effective.

Created in a classroom to help kids independently improve fluency and comprehension during reading rotations. It is research-based, effective, and students enjoy the lessons!

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Proven, science-based reading fluency supplement and intervention for K-5th

Students in your school independently work through a personailzed reading track aligned to their reading level. They master the pace, expression and accuracy of each story, as they are guided to use proven fluency strategies like repeated, choral and assisted reading. Due to the repetition, rhythm and rhyme, they retain exponentially more information. As retention ioncreases, comprehension activities get progressively complex to push comprehension.
  • Music activates more of the brain, makes every text fun and interactive, accelerates reading improvement, and helps foster a life-long love for reading.
  • Fusing music, rhythm and rhyme, with the proven fluency strategies of repeated, choral and assisted reading increase student engagement and motivation to read
  • Fluency and background knowledge are key components of comprehension. By incorporating music with repeated reading, students not only increase fluency, they retain more information and rapidly build background knowledge.
  • To create life-long readers, we need to help kids feel and connect to what they read. Music provokes emotion and feeling. Fusing music to text connects emotion to words in a story.

  • Every 15-minute lesson begins with fluency practice aligned to each student's individualized learning track. Students read chorally and repeatedly, emulating expression, accuracy and pace.
  • Music, rhythm and rhyme make the research-based fluency strategies of repeated, choral and assisted reading highly memorable, engaging and effective
  • As students master on text per week, L2L records weekly cold vs hot read improvement, benchmarks monthly fluency improvement, tracks and reports time spent reading, Word Per Minute (WPM) practice level, and lexile averages for every user.

  • L2L is the only program to incorporate music to help students retain information prior to leveled comprehension practice. Kids cannot learn to apply information at high levels if they do not first retain the information form the text.
  • Each weekly story consists of 4 scaffolded comprehension lessons. As students develop background knowledge, question levels increase in complexity, progressing from literal, to inferential, to complex, and ending with critical thinking skills.
  • Standards-aligned scope and sequence allows teachers to target stories by concept, standard, lexile, WPM, or reading level. We take each student through an entire school year of individualized weekly lessons.

  • Online tutorials allow teachers to effectively use Lyrics2Learn in every teaching format: centers, small group, whole group, and remote.
  • Real-time, personal support is available via the chat feature located on the teacher and administrator dashboards.
  • Daily embedded assessments provide immediate evidence of student progress and skill mastery in both fluency and comprehension.
  • Cutom features allow teachers to automate the communication of results and progress to administrators, parents, and interventionists with one click.
  • In person training is available upon request.
  • Administrator, Teacher and student accounts can be accessed anywhere and on any device.
  • Priced affordably at $10 per student with training discounts available for Title 1, site or district purchases. GET AUTOMATED QUOTE LINK HERE
  • Free app downloads for teachers, students and parents are included with every subscription.

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Tired of staged videos? Unscripted Interviews with School District Leaders Using L2L

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Chrisopher Poston

Director of Elementary and Middle Grades

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Daphne Terry

K-5 Instructional Program Facilitator

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Leigh Ann Cardman

K-5 Literacy Coach

An Effective Online Supplement & Intervention

An effective, engaging fluency and comprehension supplement for K-5th grade students.

  • Self-paced or teacher-managed learning
  • Lessons personalized to each student's needs
  • Data and progress reporting for teachers and administrators
  • Live webinars and real-time support

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Over 3,000,000 lessons served in classrooms and homes around the world.

My fourth graders and I love Lyrics2Learn! They love the beat and the rhythm, and I love that they're excited about working on their fluency... It's a welcome change from the monotony of repeated reading. Many of the other fluency programs we've tried lack this quality comprehension component.

Last week, I entered my team member's classroom to find every student in the class actively engaged in reading! I was stunned but really excited about the most powerful educational tool I've seen in a long time.

100% of my kids made benchmark, and over 60% of them doubled it when I used Lyrics2learn as a reading center every week.