approach to help your child increase become a successful reader.

From letter sounds and the building blocks of reading, to answering high level questions with supporting evidence from text.
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Reading practice designed to be easy for parents, fun for kids, and effective for every child.

Created in a classroom to help kids independently improve fluency and comprehension. It is research-based, effective, and fosters a love for reading.

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Find out WHY Parents love Lyrics2Learn

Your child will independently work through a personailzed reading track aligned to their reading level. They will interact with lessons incorporating rhythm, rhyme, repeated, choral and assisted reading. As students master fluency for each text and retain more information, comprehension activities get progressively complex, pushing their level of understanding. From 1st grade sight words and literal comprehension to answering high level questions, Lyrics2Learn provides every student an appropriate learning track.
Teachers report successful use in every format. Our 15-minute lessons are easy to implement and are being used in schools and homes around the country.

Lyrics2Learn reports weekly fluency improvement of hot and cold reads, monthly benchmarking of fluency gains, and gives you to-the-second over 20 different comprehension concepts. We track student use, Depth of Knowedge levels (DOK), non-fiction vs fiction, and fluency practice recordings showing progress. All reports can be set to automatically share progress with each students parent/guardian.

Use research proven, multisensory strategies like repeated reading, choral reading, and close reading. Students listen, track, read along, and interact with text. You can even record and share fluency progress videos with parents each week!

To learn with depth, kids must first retain the information from the text. By incorporating cool music, repetition, rhythm and rhyme to educational reading, kids remember more of the information. They also learn to successfully apply high level questioning that, at first, seemed too difficult.
  • Music activates more of the brain, makes every text fun and interactive, accelerates reading improvement, and helps foster a life-long love for reading.
  • Fusing music, rhythm and rhyme, with the proven fluency strategies of repeated, choral and assisted reading increase student engagement and motivation to read
  • Fluency and background knowledge are key components of comprehension. By incorporating music with repeated reading, students not only increase fluency, they retain more information and rapidly build background knowledge.
  • To create life-long readers, we need to help kids feel and connect to what they read. Music provokes emotion and feeling. Fusing music to text connects emotion to words in a story.

“ 100% of my kids made benchmark, and over 60% of them doubled it when I used Lyrics2learn as a reading center every week. ”