Science-based reading fluency for K-5

Reading lessons fusing music with strategies proven to increase fluency, word recognition and comprehension.

We combine the Science of Reading with engaging experiences to foster reading enjoyment, achievement and success.

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Reading Fluency is the Bridge to Comprehension

  • More engagement
  • More repetition
  • More retention

By adding music to any educational text, reading becomes engaging, memorable, interactive, and fun.

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What we do

Kids love the lessons; educators love the results

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Self-paced or teacher-managed learning

Students progress through reading tracks independently, or assign lessons to take control of learning.

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Personalized to each student's needs

Select fluency and comprehension personalizations for the entire class, or for each student individually.

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Real-time data and progress reporting

View real-time progress reports on use, monthly fluency progress and comprehension concept mastery.

Increase reading fluency and comprehension with Lyrics2Learn

In an independent study, students showed 66% higher gains (year over year) than the control group.

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Reading Comprehension

We can't teach kids to comprehend on a high level until we help them retain on a high level

  • As students retain more information from repeated reading, questioning becomes more complex.
  • By incorporating music, rhythm and rhyme with repeated reading, students drastically increase retention and background knowledge.
  • Lyrics2Learn questioning levels align with the Common Core Depth of Knowledge (D.O.K.) levels.
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Engage your students with Lyrics2Learn

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"I've run the summer reading program for five years, and we had never seen the gains we saw when implementing Lyrics2Learn. Student Fluency, and especially accuracy, saw huge increases."
Leigh Ann Cardman

Leigh Ann Cardman

Curriculum Coach, Chatham County Schools

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