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Lyrics2Learn is a proven K-5th grade reading tool that combines educational stories with music to make reading practice fun and drive achievement.

Kids love the lessons; educators and parents love the results.

100% of my kids made benchmark, and over 60% of them doubled it when I used Lyrics2learn as a reading center every week. Mrs. Hardy, 1st grade teacher, Colorado Springs. CO

Close Reading Gaps

Lyrics2Learn’s approach to reading improvement is founded on proven, educational research. Every K-5 student, from ESL to enrichment can accelerate achievement. Students using L2L 3 times per week (45 minutes) improved 66% more than students who did not use the program.


Deep Reading Practice

Lyrics2Learn is an individualized, online K-5 reading program designed to complement classroom instruction. We use music to engage kids with text at the highest level and boost achievement.

Increase Reading Fluency

All K-5 fluency skills are practiced with every lesson. From kindergarten letter sounds, sight words, and word families, to high level word recognition and reading with expression and pace.

  • Music makes reading practice fun, engaging, and helps kids become successful, fluent readers.
  • Multisensory, repeated reading is used with every lesson, a strategy proven by research - Read More
  • See up to the minute progress and success measurements for every lesson and every student.
  • K-5 self-paced, grade appropriate fluency practice for homes, classrooms and schools.

Increase Reading Comprehension

Music, rhythm, rhyme and repetition help kids remember what they read. Once information from text is remembered, kids can successfully develop a deeper understanding and learn how to answer high level questions.

  • Gain the deep understanding essential for success with literal, inferential, and critical thinking questions in every story.
  • Track progress as 20 reading skills are practiced and developed. See examples
  • Students begin at their own reading level, and progress at their own pace, or guided by adults.
  • Music helps heighten student interest, commit text to memory, and deepen understanding.

Empower Educators With Tools to Measure Success

Lyrics2Learn empowers educators with real-time data and academic insights aligned with your needs. We track student fluency, comprehension, use and learning time to help you efficiently direct student learning.

  • View fluency practice time, and compare before and after fluency recordings to show improvement.
  • View comprehension scores and progress in multiple ways:
    • Depth of Knowledge Level (D.O.K.) 1, 2 and 3
    • Broken down by 20 different skills and concepts See examples
    • Fiction vs non-fiction proficiency
    • Time on task, lessons completed and more

Sample Lessons

Try a lesson from each grade level! Record your fluency practice, answer interactive questions guided by “Lefty Lyric,” and share your results with other parents, teachers or friends!

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